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Kimbers Timbers is a leading timber yard provider of quality timber and treated products in Berkley Vale on the Central Coast. Whether renovating or building from scratch, our timber yard can provide the perfect timber solution. Our timber products are always of the best visual grade, and we even provide daily delivery to the Central Coast with delivery to Newcastle and Sydney areas upon request. For a quotation, please call us on 4389 1466, or come see us in Berkley Vale, on the Central Coast today.

Treated pine safety

When working with treated timber from our timber yard it is important to do the following:

  • Always wear a dust mask and goggles
  • Always wear Gloves
  • Wash work clothes separately
  • Do not burn treated timber
  • Do not use to cook food

For safety information on any product please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) below or come and ask our friendly staff.

A CSIRO overview of 'The facts about CCA-treated timber' can be found at ;


Types of treatment

The following are specific types of treatment we offer to prolong the life of your timber:

  • H2 treatment level protects against Termites and Borers. Best suited for indoor and above ground construction.
  • H3 treatment level protects against moderate decay as well as termites and borers. Can be used indoors or outdoors for above ground construction
  • H4 treatment level protects against severe decay, termites and borers. It is suitable for outdoor and inground construction such as fence posts, timber footings, and retaining walls.
  • H5 Treatment protects against very severe decay, termites and borers. Can be used outdoors, inground and is suitable for contact with fresh water. Commonly used for retaining walls, house stumps and building poles.
  • H6 treatment protects timber against Marine Borer attack and decay. Is appropriate for use in marine waters and is commonly used for boat hulls, jetty cross bracing and landing steps.

Treated Pine Vegetable Gardens

Kimbers Timbers recomends the use of treated pine in gardens in accordance to the latest advice of the CSIRO, the following is an exerpt from the CSIRO's 'The facts about CCA-treated timber', the relavent page is available here or the full text here.

"A number of studies have shown that CCA is not absorbed into above-ground food crops such as grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers. There are, however, some reports of a slight increase in arsenic content in root crops such as carrots and beets grown against treated timber, although the arsenic is in a safe organic form and most of it is removed with peeling.

Any concern can be eliminated by growing these vegetables more than 100 mm from treated timber garden edgings or by lining the edgings with plastic. This has the additional useful effect of reducing soil contact with the wood, which could further extend the wood's life."